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Change is the only constant!

Autumn has arrived reminding us of how change is the only constant.  This is definitely a challenge for all of us in the IT sector. The pace of change for our sector is unrelenting and the opportunity for growth is continuous.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are weeks away.  This event has seen year on year increases for the retail sector.  Footfall in shops is declining with online sales leading the charge. The Retail Excellence organisation has reported that online conversion rates stood at 74% over this weekend period in 2016.  There is a huge online market to be won. Those sites that ensure the user has a positive experience will cash in best.

According to website Hobo-web.co.uk the top three reasons that make shoppers abandon shopping online:

  1. Slow page/product images to download
  2. Can’t move around the site
  3. Too many steps when trying to check out your cart

The average page load speed in Ireland is estimated at 6 seconds but the recommended page load speed is 2 seconds.  Interestingly, every 1.6 seconds reduction in load speed equals 10% increase in convergence rates.

2018 will also bring changes to the legal front with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Medical device Regulation 2020 regulation (MDR 2020) come into effect.  Both of these regulations will affect software Testing Practices.  Please read more in our Tech News section.  Many companies are using the above regulations to differentiate themselves from their competition.  Early preparation will be key to securing success in the European market place.

At Celtic Testing, our goal is to develop a trusted QA partnership with all our clients.  Our success is guaranteed when our clients are successful.

Contact us today to find out how Celtic Testing can help you eliminate waste, build efficient and effective teams and increase productivity while increase Quality.

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