Aaron’s Case Study



Aaron’s was challenged to deploy a new custom-built POS (point of sale) application to 2,000 stores over a 12-month time frame. The IT department required a software testing team to develop a best practice framework and process to deliver zero critical defects upon deployment. The regression test suite run time of 5 days was causing significant delays to the deployment schedule. Aarons were concerned how an outside team would fit into their existing QA team.

Aaron’s is a leader in the sales and lease ownership and speciality retailing of furniture, consumer electronics, home appliances and accessories, and currently has more than 2,000 company-operated and franchised stores in 47 states across America and Canada.

Making Quality SMARTER

To help Aarons overcome the challenges they faced, we introduced our SMARTER methodology

Services we provided to Aarons Inc

Agile Testing
Automated Functional Testing
Regression Testing


The Celtic Testing team created an automated testing POC (proof of concept) to evaluate the tools under consideration and determined the best fit based on the client’s current technology platform and internal processes. Our certified Ranorex consultants led the creation of a new automation framework and process. During the engagement, the teams worked side by side to build, manage, execute, and deploy the regression test suite. Celtic Testing earned Aarons trust by integrating seamlessly with the team and providing the reports.


  • 1:8 deployments per day  
  • Consistent feedback loop  
  • No rollbacks  
  • Reduction in support tickets


The new POS application was successfully deployed to 2,000 stores on time with zero critical defects. Our collaborative team efforts reduced the regression test suite run time from 5 days to 40 minutes. The IT team now utilises a standard automated tool (Ranorex) that drives the continuous development build process. Today the IT team is utilising continuous integration and delivery to accelerate their application deployments.